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Not just what is in our bank accounts but our assets include our self-worth, talents, skills, experience and the people who support us. First appreciate all that you have on an emotional level. It could just be a formula for abundance which opens up new conduits to prosperity. And prove to be your best investment yet, Cancer. In a nutshell: Change how you relate to your money and all you have at your disposal. Abundance includes your talents and the people in your life.

Success requires you to be a little bit bold, add a dash of daring and a whole lot of different, this week Leo. Your ruler the Sun highlights the message from Uranus in your 10 th for the long term which is you need to approach career matters from a radical new angle.

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Failure to adjust could add up to just that. Time to light up your future like a firework and be unafraid to step into the new.

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Take a chance and apply for that new job or even embrace a new direction. The new Moon in our 1 st always marks the start of a fresh cycle or relaunch. But the one which appears on the 1 st is a new Supermoon.

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In a nutshell: Try a touch of daring on for size now, Leo. Light up your future like a firework. Determine your destiny by embracing an important new beginning this week. If you discover the latter — be prepared to do something about them and perhaps in a different way to what you have done in the past. Your intuition is going to be peaking this week thanks to a new Supermoon in your 12 th on the 1 st and proves to be your best guide.

What this stirs up is much needed compassion, empathy and insight — which you need to direct towards yourself. Major 12 th house transits like these ask you to focus on the good rather than what you are dissatisfied with. Are you harder on yourself than you ever are on other people? Time to shower yourself with love and compassion. If you feel stuck at all at this time, or if you know you need to let something go but are not sure what. Or if you know you need changes but they are not coming or you are afraid of making the wrong ones, then a shift in your inner world will bring the transformation of the outer one.

Your victories rather than your failures.

Taurus Weekly Astrology Horoscope 29th July 2019

Your supercharged intuition provides you with exactly the right guidance you need now. Make an inner shift now to set the outer ones in motion. Try a little tenderness instead of self-criticism. The changes you want will follow. Chances are your social scene has undergone a shift lately, Libra. Has your support cast changed? Are you in fact recasting when it comes to the role friends play in your life? Have you simply outgrown some connections or alternatively, have you been so focussed on other areas of your life, your social one has been left out in the cold?

Uranus is the ruler of your 11 th house which governs your friends as well as your goals and it angles back to the Sun in here from your 8 th of endings and change on the 29 th. The same day also sees the Sun trine Chiron in your 7 th of partnerships of all descriptions. If some connections have fallen by the wayside now, you can look forward to making at least one highly significant new one that more than fills that empty space in your circle. The month you are stepping in to wants you to join in and connect. If other demands on your time have meant your social life has suffered, you now need to make friendship your priority.

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Remember, your 11 th is your house of the future. The people you meet, the actions you take now, determine how things will unfold for some time to come. We all need to recharge but are you spending too much time on your own? Lucky for you Mars in here hands you more than your fair share or charisma now.

Combined with Juno the next friendship you strike up really could feel more like a partnership that anything else. Being lucky in love is actually being lucky with your friends this week, Libra. In a nutshell: Luck revolves around who you know, not what you know this week, Libra. New people or existing friends set the future in motion. Dare to dazzle this month. The attention we get now will be based on what we bring to the table — dazzling with our smarts, credentials and achievements as this is our house of career.

Carve yourself an extra-large piping hot fresh slice of ambition now as the new supermoon appears in here. This new Moon usually brings rewards and recognition. Or else we find our path blocked. If so, we have some serious thinking to do. If a door refuses to open do we need to knock on a different one?


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If success is elusive a strategy change may be in order. Mars in your 10 th can give you courage and the competitive edge. But entwined with Juno this is about working together and cooperation. And also being open to a different set of tactics if necessary. Ask people you already know whose opinion you can trust if you need to make any adjustments to how you present yourself and come across.

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Be open minded and above all, ask at least three people if you can. If two or more say the same thing you know what you have to do. This week says do your research as the ability to dazzle begins with getting it right. And that includes researching what may be holding you back from the success you deserve. A little research pays off big time when it comes to that success story.

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But not in a way that breaks every rule. Wish upon a star this week, Libra. Time to get that balance happening. Terms and conditions apply. You take a more direct approach to realizing your dreams now, rather than simply hoping and wishing. Data will be refreshed once a week.

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